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  • Welham Girls School, Dehradun
  • Shigally Hill International Academy
  • Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
  • Landour Community Hospital

Meet Your Dentist

We offer outstanding skills to meet the dental care needs of new and existing patients, while our easy-going charm is just right for helping patients feel at ease. So if you've ever been afraid of going to the dentist, don’t worry. You're in good hands. Dentists with patience, a warm smile and top credentials.

Smile n Braces in dehradun Dr. Amit Mehra, is a master in Orthodontics from Govt. College, Goa 2006, and practices exclusive Orthodontics. He has experience of all techniques and procedures in Fixed as well as Removable Orthodontic (BRACES) treatment. He has the privilege of being the life member of the Indian Orthodontic Society, the American Association of Orthodontics and the World Federation of Orthodontics. He has been certified by 3M Unitek to perform INCOGNITO Lingual orthodontic treatment in 2012.He also specialises in DAMON system of Braces. Recently in 2014, he has successfully completed a mini-residency at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, in advanced Orthodontic Treatment. He has the experience of treating over 200 new patients every year, in his practice.

Smile n Braces in dehradun Dr. Gazal Mehra, graduated from Dental School in 2006, and has been in private practice since that time. She a life member of the Indian Dental Association. She has done certified courses on cosmetic dentistry under the guidance of Dr Suhant Umre in 2006, and on advanced endodontics (RCT) in 2008 under the guidance of Dr PD Joshi from Mumbai. She has been a University Gold Medallist; year 2006.She has the experience of doing all kinds of cosmetic and restorative procedures, and single visit Root Canal Treatments.

Patient Testimonials

It's been a great pleasure to have Dr. Amit Mehra as my Dentist. I feel comfortable and satisfied with his work. He has helped me overcome all my dental fears.
A very nice person at heart. I wish to continue to get all my dental work at SMILE N BRACES, and would recommend this clinic to my near and dear ones.
Rashi Jain

I'm very satisfied with the evaluation and work that Dr Gazal did for me on my visit. I will surely be back and recommend your clinic to my friends.
Bob Argy

I am Happy with the attention given by the doctor and his staff. My best wishes for growth and success to the clinic.
N K Sharma

Always paying attention and good care to every detail, not only the teeth but also to the feelings of the patient. I really appreciate your way of treating us.
Thank you very much.
Ryoji Ichige

You Rock!! Thank you so much. Love,
Aaliyah 10 yrs

Its Awesome to have braces from here!
Warris, 11yrs

Our Family - Nayana(daughter), us both Ashish Vacchani and I have known this wonderful dentist couple for over 1 year. The relationship of doctor-patient (which started when we approached Dr. Amit for Braces for Nayana) soon graduated into a happy state when all of us, and our colleagues and friends found in them the most reliable, trusting and confident hands. Most of all, Dr. Amit has cured Nayana of any 'dentist fears' which she used to harbour.
We wish them a wonderful future, and hope for a continued association.
Moana Vacchani, Mussourie

I am thankful to you!
Dan Luke, Joe Malkaloy and most recently Robby have been very happy & Impressed with your professional dental work and the care you both exhibit.
Robby said that Gazal is the best dentist that he has seen to in his life.
Tom R. Frank.

Dear Dr. Mehra, Very much appreciated your excellent work to my dental problem.
I found your work is better than any other dentist I have seen for many years.
All the filling you made to me look so natural, I can't truly tell that I have a filling even the large onlay. They look like my real teeth.
I very much found it helpful that you explained every step you are doing, and also can see the proceeding in the mirror.
I am happy that you didn't give me the novacaine while you are doing drilling to my teeth. So, many doctors these days give Novocain before drilling.
I found drilling without Novocain is possible & very moderate and pain is bearable.
I had very tough stain in my tooth before I visited you. I had clean my tooth twice daily by Dentist, I thank you very much for your excellent dental work. I will recommend you to all my friends & relatives for any dental problem..

Dr. Gazal Mehra, I feel very happy & fortune to have met you. You have given me the best dental care and attention I have received anywhere (England, Germany, Australia, America).
I have a miserable dental history, as your husband Dr. Amit Mehra, Ortho dentist commented 'Your teeth are definitely conference presentation material.
You saved a tooth from being extracted, removed all crowns' bridges, and did 5 new root canals, re doing 2 old root canals due to infection.
Now, I have 18 new crowns, no metal in my teeth, I am happy about that.
There were many light hearted moments, something you do not associate with your profession, but, you happily answered all my suspicious, never ending questions.
I wish you, your husband and trusted Assistant Mr. Suraj, continuing success .May 'SMILE N BRACES' continue to receive the recognition it truly deserve.
Martin Magee